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The springs on your garage door are a critical part of its operation.  The garage door springs are what counterbalances the weight of the garage door so that it can be opened.  If you have a broken garage door spring we can help. Garage door spring repair is by far our most common service call. The springs on your garage door are good for an average of about 10,000 cycles.  For the average home this equates to around a 5 or 6 year life span.  More and more frequently we are using our garage door as the main entrance to our homes, coming and going ten to fifteen times a day, cycling your garage door springs each time, and chipping away at their life span.  The springs on your garage door are matched to the weight of the door to make them essentially neutrally weighted so the door can be lifted manually by hand, or through the use of a garage door opener.  When the springs get near the end of their life, they will become weaker and cause your garage door to feel heavier, which makes it harder to lift for both you and your garage door opener.  A garage door that is not properly balanced will cause your garage door opener to fail, or worse, can lead to the spring breaking and having your garage door slam to the ground.

Garage Door Pulleys

Extension Spring Pulleys

Garage Door  Pulley Repair
Smooth operation, Heavy Duty pulleys will keep your garage door moving level.

If your garage door has stretch (extension) springs on the side of the tracks, then you also have 4 pulleys in your system as well. Two will be mounted near the bend of the garage door tracks, and two pulleys will be attached to the springs on either side of the door.  The garage door pulleys effectively double the counter balancing power of your garage door springs, as well as guide your lift cables upward along the verticle garage door tracks and transition the pull to the horizontally mounted garage door springs.  The garage door pulleys are an essential part of the system, and when they become worn or damaged will lead to operational issues like a bouncing or shaking garage door and could even cause your garage door to jump off the tracks.  When the bearings on your garage door pulleys start to fail, the cable guide section of the pulley will rotate in an unpredictable manor and could tip to the side causing the cable to come off the pulley and jamb up your garage door. 

The white nylon garage door roller has an eleven ball, ball bearing center  with a durable white nylon wheel and will provide years of quiet operation. If your garage door is noisy and not rolling as smoothly as it should, consider updating your rollers to the nylon garage door roller. Most originally installed rollers on garage doors will be either the old style metal wheels, which can rust and are quite loud as they roll through your tracks.  If you have the metal garage door wheels on your system and hear a tick tick tick as the wheels are rolling through your tracks, that means the bearings are beginning to fail and the rollers should be replaced.  Once the bearings wear down the wheels will fall off the stem that goes through  your garage door hinges, and if the door is in the open position when this happens it wall fall out of the tracks onto whatever, or whoever is under it.

The garage door lift cables run around the pulleys and attach to the front of the tracks and the bottom of the garage door near the bottom roller. The lift cables transfer the springs energy into lift energy making the door easier to open and close.  Whether you have torsion springs or extension springs there are cables attached to the bottom bracket of your garage door.  This bracket should never be adjusted, fiddled with, or otherwise touched by an untrained professional as it is under extreme tension from the garage door springs and will, not could, will cause severe injury if handled improperly.  All of our service trucks carry spools of cable for both commercial and residential garage doors and our service technicians can make whatever style of cable your system needs right on site in just a few minutes.  Garage door cables are not a one size fits all solution as some of the big box stores would have you believe, and having a cable that is too long or too short installed on your garage door can lead to the door opening or closing crooked, throwing the cables off your drums or pulleys, or even jambing up your garage door to the point that it wont move.

Garage Door Opener Repair

Opener Parts in Stock

Garage Door Opener Repair
We have replacement parts for all the major brands of garage door openers in stock.

Garage door openers have become more of a technology product than they used to be even as recently as 10 years ago.  The new standard safety features on garage door openers rely heavily on sensors and settings to funtion properly and should be service by a trained technician to prevent voiding a warranty.  Garage door openers without safety sensors are the bottom of the tracks do not meet current safety code and should be replaced to prevent a misadjusted opener from trapping or even crushing someone under the garage door.  Simply do an quick internet search for "garage door crushes" and you will find article after article where this has happened to people, pets, cars, bicycles and the neighbors children.  Our trained technicians have hours of classroom as well as continued on the job training on all of the major brands of garage door openers.  Call us today to schedule your garage door opener repair.

All residential garage door repairs come with a 1 year warranty on replaced parts

Ask about our Works Package, which includes springs, rollers, pulleys, and cables, and comes with a 3 full year warranty on parts and labor!

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