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clopay 4050 series

10 year warranty on the windows and a limited lifetime warranty on the paint, the Clopay 4050 is designed to last.

Backed by the good housekeeping seal and a 3 year warranty on the hardware, the Clopay Model 4050 comes with peace of mind as well as design features! The Clopay Model 4050 garage doors will not rust, rot, warp, crack or fade and are manufactured from 75% recycled steel!

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Haas 600 Garage Door

These affordable garage doors are the best bang for your buck.

Designed to be the last garage door you ever need, it has a 30 year paint job so you will never have to paint your garage door again. This garage door series has a panel style and window option to compliment any home in any area, and with the available color options and faux finishes, you can really stand out from the neighbors house with instant curb appeal!

All of the Haas 600 Series garage doors come with long life springs, heavier duty hardware, nylon rollers and an air tight weather seal all the way around the door. The family owned Haas Door Company put their and soul into building this door package and it really shows with how quiet and smoothly these doors operate once installed!

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Haas 700 Series

The 700 Series is engineered for use in any climate and has a full range of color options!

With all of the features of the 600 series, plus extra insulation, the Haas 700 Series is an excellent choice for homes with utilities in the garage. If your home has its heating system, hot water heater or laundry services in the garage, the added insulation on this garage door will help to cut your utility bills every month for the life of the door!

Replacing your current garage door with an insulated garage door can have an 85% return on investment in just the first year. If you are unsure what level of insulation you need for your garage door, call and talk to one of our specialists today to help you make the most informed choice for your garage renovation project. Estimates are always free and zero pressure, so you can be sure you aren't paying for features you don't need!

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Haas 2000 Garage Door

The 2000 Series has one of the highest Insulation Ratings in the Industry!

The ultimate in energy efficiency with one of the highest insulation ratings in the garage door industry. More frequently we are seeing the extremes in temperature swings in our area, and this series will guard against the deep freeze of winter and the hottest of summer days.

Keeping the weather at bay during the extreme hot and cold months pays dividends every year on your utility bills. If you have living space like a bedroom over the garage that is cold every winter and hot every summer, keeping the garage under it a move even temperature can reduce your heating and cooling costs every year saving your more and more money every year!

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