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clopay 4050 series

The 240 Series is a High Quality of Builders Grade garage doors designed to add beauty to your home for minimal cost!

The Haas builder grade garage door is perfect for detached garages, house flips, storage sheds and more. The 240 Series garage door is constructed of a sturdy 24 gauge steel, yet light enough to be opened by hand every day without throwing out your back. With its 2 Inch thick, pan style construction, these builder grade garage doors are strong enough to hold up to every day use without fail.

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Haas 600 Garage Door

Insulated garage doors from R6 up to R17.

When keeping the weather at bay is the prime concern, these are the garage doors you want to pick from. This garage door series has a panel style and window option to compliment any home in any area, and with the available color options and faux finishes, you can really stand out from the neighbors house with instant curb appeal!

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Haas 700 Series

Carriage House doors are an elegant addition to any home. Incredible selection of styles, colors, and finishes to choose from.

If you are looking to set your home apart from every other house in the neighborhood, this series of door has style like no other.

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dent proof Garage Door

Insulated and Dent Proof!

These vinyl garage doors won't rust, fade, crack, or dent. It is the ultimate door for easy-care living. The vinyl garage door model 8700 is an excellent choice for homeowners in the coastal regions because of its resistance to salt air and sand.

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aluminum Garage Door

Lightweight and Strong!

These aluminum garage doors are made from light weight aluminum, and are designed to hold up to the worst mother nature has to offer.

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Garage Door Buying Guide

Are you unsure of what type of garage door you are in the market for? Are there more choices than you expected? It's easy to get overwhelmed by the many different designs, insulation ratings and building materials in the garage door market. Let us help you narrow dow your selection.

Insulation Rating

Lets start our by determining if you need an insulated garage door. There are a few easy to answer questions that can help you decide if you need a builder grade garage door or an insulated garage door.

  • - Do you have a bedroom over the garage?
  • - Do you have utilities in the garage like heat/AC or hot water?
  • - Do you have laundry services or well pumps in the garage?

If you answered NO to all of these questions then you may want to consider a builder grade garage door. If you answered YES to any of these questions then an insulated garage door is the way to go. The next thing to consider would be the insulation rating or 'how much insulation'. Insulation ratings are a numerical rating of how efficient the insulation in a product is. The higher the number, the better the insulation. For example, the Haas 600 series has an R-13 Insulation rating. R-13 is the level to which most exterior walls are insulated here in New Jersey. The Haas 2000 Series is an R-17 meaning it is even more efficient than the Haas 600 Series.

>The more YES answers you have from the questions above, the higher insulation rating you may want to install on your new garage door. Replacing a builder grade garage door with an insulated garage door can have an 85% return on investment in just the first year. Thats like getting almost all of your money back in cost savings in one year! Staying in the home longer pays you back even more and is like your new insulated garage door paying you for putting it in!

Typical low grade insulation
Styrofoam blocks added into a builder grade door have a low insulation value as well as hollow spots in the door that are completely uninsulated.

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Never Do This
Insulation kits that you can buy at the box stores are NEVER a good idea. They add weight to you garage door, which makes the garage door heavier than the garage door springs were designed to lift, which makes your opener work harder, which leads to your garage door opener failing.

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3-Layer Insulated Garage Door
For a long lasting insulated garage door, you want a 3-layer garage door. Outside skin, insulation, inside skin. The Haas 600 series garage door incorporates a 3-layer design, which is built to outlast your mortgage at an affordable price.

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