Haas 2000 Series is the Best Insulated Garage Door

Haas 2000 Series
Best Insulation Rating
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Best Insulated Garage Doors in NJ

best insulated garage door

The Haas 2000 Series is a Highly Insulated, Strong 2 Inch Thick Garage Door.

The Haas 2000 series is a perfect combination of Strength, Beauty, and Energy Efficiency.
If your home has utilities in the garage like a water heater, furnace, well pump, or washer and dryer, you can't go wrong by replacing your garage door with the Haas 2000 Series. With one of the highest insulation ratings in the industry, this door was built with performance in mind.
Todays modern, energy efficient homes needed a garage door that could keep up, and this is it!

Haas 2000 Series

Haas Garage Doors

Haas 2000 Garage Door

Full 2 Inches Of Insulation!

These doors are designed to keep the weather outside your home. R17 Insulated, one of the highest in the industry!

best insulated garage door

Best Insulated Garage Door

7 Times The Insulation Value Of A Wood Garage Door! If you have utilities in your garage like water heaters, laundry, or heat and air, you need this garage door.

best insulated garage door for new jersey

Never needs to be painted!

These doors are designed to be almost maintenance free. This door will never need to be painted!

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Customizable to fit your home!

Mix and match colors and panels styles until it is just right for the look you want!