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With The Red/Green Light Kit, Never Guess If The Door Is Fully Opened And Ready For You To Pull Out Again!

firehouse garage door opener

Liftmaster Fire and EMS Station Openers.

Can be programmed to close automatically after you leave the building.

Liftmaster met with Emergency Response professionals to discuss emergency vehicle access needs. In response to those needs they created an Emergency Service door operator solution specifically for you. This door opener is packed full of safety features, reliability, and ceaseless operation so it's always ready to roll when you are.

fire department garage door
  • Security+ 2.0
  • With every click, a new digital code is sent to the opener, ensuring only authorized access is granted.
  • Enhanced radio communicates with tri-band frequency to improve range and reduce interference so you can actually open the door from the street.
  • Timer To Close - Opener can be programmed to automatically close the door as soon as your emergency vehicle is clear of the station, eliminating the potential for theft or damage, keeping your Fire or EMS station secure while you're away.
  • Maintenance Alert System
  • Provides a reminder light, similar to the check engine light on your car, right on the push button for the opener to let you know when your door is due for service avoiding a failure at a critical moment.
  • System can be set to alert for an annual maintenance, or after a selected number of cycles.
garage door opener at firehouse
  • MyQ Mobile App - Tablet Integration
  • Enables secure monitoring and control of the operator with a smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • Alerts can be received as email or pop-up (push) notifications on a mobile device
  • The Chiefs tablet can receive an update to let them know the engine bay door is open and the truck is on the road
  • If you forget to close the station door, you can close it from the scene to keep your station secure, or to let mutual aid companies in once they get to your station.