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commercial garage door opener

Commercial garage door openers for everyday life. Gates, bay doors, warehouses and more.

Liftmaster makes an commercial garage door opener for every application. We have cost effective models with all the new required OSHA safety capabilities.
These general use commercial garage door openers are perfect for a roll up door of any kind. If you are tired of manually lifting your commercial garage door, adding one of these general use commercial garage door openers will make everyday life easier with the push of a button.

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firehouse garage door opener

Red/Green Light to let the driver know when the door is Fully Open

Designed with safety and security in mind, the Liftmaster Firehouse Opener makes it easy to know when it is safe to pull the rig out of the engine bay. Liftmaster used their tried and true commercial garage door opener as a base platform, then added additional security features and functions so your station will be secure while your on the job.

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Car Dealership Garage Opener

Designed for busy shops where the doors open and close frequently.

Designed specifically for the automotive industry with features like optional automatic close, optional half open auto stop. and many other features designed to save time and money.

We have a commercial garage door opener to fit the needs of any size dealership around. Do you need just a basic commercial garage door opener? We have it. Do you need a high speed commercial garage door opener? We have it.

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loading dock door opener

A Commercial garage door oepner where Security and integration were key design elements for todays high volume warehouse industry.

Liftmaster met with warehouse managers to discuss dock space access needs. This opener is designed for safety, security and energy saving. Imagine being able to see which doors are open, and close them, all without even being in the warehouse.

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