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Haas 700 Series Garage Door

R16 Insulated

12 Colors, 9 Panel Designs

Haas Model 700
The Haas 700 Series is an excellent choice for homes with a bedroom over the garage!

The Haas 700 has an outstanding number of design and color options and is available with insulated windows and privacy glass.
The R16 Insulation stops an amazing 95% of heat flow from outside to inside the garage. If you have a bedroom over the garage that is always hot in the summer and cold in the winter then this is the door for you. By keeping the garage a steadier temperature in the hot and cold months, you can save money on your heating and cooling costs.
Replacing your inefficient garage door with an insulated garage door, you can acchieve up to an 85% Return On Investment in just the first year!.

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