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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage door spring repair is our specialty. The garage door springs counter balance the weight of your garage door making it possible for your garage door opener to lift your garage door. When your garage door springs become weak or break, the weight of your garage door can make it impossible to open. Replacing your garage door springs every 5 years can prevent a costly and time consuming failure of your system. Many of us use our garage door as the main entrance to our homes.

If your garage door were unable to open when you get home from work, or the kids get home from school would you even be able to get in your house? What if you go to leave for work and the garage door opener is unable to lift your door and get your car out? Garage door spring replcaement is something that should be done regularly, like replacing the tires on your car. Unlike the tires on your car, garage door springs don't give any warning when they are about to break. If the springs on your garage door are more than 4 years old, or if one of them has broken, give us a call today for your free quote on replacing them.

Garage Door Springs act as the counter-balance system for garage doors and make it possible to open your garage door.  We have torsion and extension springs in stock on our service trucks to get your garage door back up and running in just one visit.  Garage door torsion springs mount on a pipe over the top of your garage door, When the door is activated they move in a winding motion which wraps the cables up around the drums lifting your garage door. It can be difficult to see when you have a broken torsion spring, because when they break they stay locked on the pipe and nothing immediately looks out of place.  If your garage door will not open, this could be the problem.

garage torsion spring

Garage door extension springs work in a similar way but are located on the rear hangers that hold the back of the tracks to the ceiling.  These garage door springs stretch out down the side of the track as your garage door closes.  A cable is attached from the bottom of the door, around a pulley by the front wall, around a pulley on the spring and back to the front again.  Garage door extension springs always come in a pair of springs on your garage door, one on each side, to ensure a smooth and even lift.  When replacing garage door springs you should always replace both at the same time to prevent your garage door from opening unevenly and jambing.

garage door spring

No matter which style of garage door spring you have, you should always have a trained professional repair them for you. NEVER under any circumstances should you remove, unbolt, loosen or otherwise touch the bottom bracket where the cable attaches to the door, as it could be under a severe amount of tension. This bracket could suddenly and violently rip away from the bottom of the door while under tension causing severe damage or bodily injury. Call us today to have one of our trained technicians repair your garage door springs as safely and quickly as possible.

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