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Garage Door Repair, Serving Toms River NJ and The Surrounding Area.

Garage door repair is our specialty and we have garage door repair parts in stock and we service all brands of garage doors in Toms River NJ.

We repair garage door springs, bent garage door tracks, snapped garage door cables and more. Most garage door repairs can be completed in just one visit, and Estimates are always free.
garage door repair Toms River NJ

Call us today to schedule your free garage door repair estimate. Appointment times fill up fast so call now to get on the schedule for today!

If your garage door is making a lot of noise as it moves that means your bearings, wheels or hinges are worn and could possibly fail. It's time to stop putting off that garage door repair and get your garage door tuned up before it leaves you stranded.

The Works Package!

You can take advantage of our garage door repair works package which will have your garage door working like new in just one visit! The Works Package Garage Door Repair includes all new extension springs on a single door, new rollers (wheels), new pulleys and new cables. Best of all it comes with an outstanding 3 year warranty!

We use all upgraded parts for our garage door repairs, so you know it will last a lifetime. We use heavy duty nylon rollers that are stronger and quieter than the metal wheels you have now. We use heavy duty stainless steel cables and long life pulleys. Even our garage door springs have a double end loop instead of a single for added strength. Call now to schedule your works package!

garage door spring repair Toms River

We stock all of the most common garage door repair parts on all of our service trucks so we can get your garage door springs repaired in just one visit. Not sure if your springs need to be replaced?

There is a simple test you do that will let you know. Pull the red cord that hangs down from your garage door opener to release it from the door. Then put your garage door halfway up and let it go. If your garage door fell to the floor, then your garage door springs need to be replaced.

Garage Door Spring Repair Info

garage door roller replacement

The white nylon garage door roller has an eleven ball, ball bearing center  with a durable white nylon wheel and will provide years of quiet operation. If your garage door is noisy and not rolling as smoothly as it should, consider updating your rollers to the nylon garage door roller.

Garage Door Roller Replacement Info

Garage Door Opener Repair

garage door opener repair

We carry parts for all the major brands of garage door openers and can repair most garage door openers in just one visit. Switches, to sensors, to gears to remotes and keypads, we have them all!

Garage door repair is not something you should try to do yourself. There are several parts that are under extreme tension that could seriously injure or even kiil you if not repaired properly.

Our trained technicians have over 30 years of experience and can repair your garage door in just one visit. We service all of Monmouth and Ocean County NJ and have a service tech in your area today!

We give free estimates on all garage door repairs, and even have a flat rate service fee, meaning we do not charge by the hour for residential garage door repairs!

Garage door repair is always much less expensive than replacement, and with our upgraded professional series garage door parts, your door and opener can work like new in just one visit!

With our scheduling software, as soon as one of our techs finishes the stop before you, you will get a text message letting you know we are on the way. No more waiting for the repair guy all day!

garage door repair

Are you sure the kids will be able to get in the garage door after school?

Stop putting off your garage door repair

Has your garage door been making more and more noise as it opens and closes? Does your whole house shake when you open and close your garage door?

By putting off your garage door repair you are causing the worn parts to wear even more, leading to more damage and higher repair costs.

Your average garage door repair takes less than an hour and comes with the peace of mind that your garage door isn't going to fall out of the tracks on top of your car or even worse on top of your family!