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How To Fix Common Garage Door Problems

Garage Door Tune Up!

Garage door problems are inevitable. Living with them doesn't have to be.  If your garage door is always screeching and shaking, and looks like its about to fall off the tracks, Its time for a tune up! There are usually a few contributing factors to your garage door system not working smoothly, and how to fix your garage door will depend on what specifically needs attention.

Your garage door and opener should be serviced every three to five years depending on how much you use it. The more frequently it opens and closes, the sooner parts will need attention. Most all residential garage door parts are rated for 10,000 cycles. If you open and close it once in the morning, then once in the evening thats 4 cycles.  4 cycles per day, 365 days a year is 1460 cycles per year. After 5 years that comes out to 7,300 cycles, or about 75% of the life span of most of the moving parts.  Now when you factor in another cycle for getting the lawn mower, or the holiday decorations, or the kids bikes, and beach toys, and trips to the store, After just 3-4 years your parts are on borrowed time.

We offer several ways to fix your garage door and get it working like new again without having to large expense of replacing the garage door.  We offer single item repairs, for example replacing broken garage door springs, and include a one year warranty on the parts and labor.  Replacing the springs on your garage door will counterbalance the weight of the garage door making it easier to lift, and reducing the strain on the garage door opener.

garage torsion springgarage door spring
Broken Torsion Spring, and Worn Out Extension Spring

If your garage door system uses extension springs, at the ends of the springs and near the bend in the tracks will be the cable guide pulelys. These pulleys carry a tremendous amount of weight on them and guide your garage door cables with each cycle of the garage door. Often times when a garage door is shaking and bouncing it is because the bearing in the pulleys have work out and are no longer rolling smoothly. We recommend replacing the pulleys with your garage door springs, to keep your lifting system working as smoothly as possible.  We have put together a Spring Tune Up Special, which includes new springs and pulleys for your garage door, saves you $35 dollars with the package deal, and comes with a 2 year warranty!

Garage Door Pulley
Garage Door Springs And Pulleys

Another key factor in the operation of your garage door system is the condition of the rollers or wheels. Many garage door manufacturers use low grade placstic or metal wheels that wear out fairly quickly, and then begin to roll crooked in the tracks causing the door to bind up.  When your door is in the open position, it is the rollers that actually hold it over your head.  The wheels ride in the horizontal tracks, and the stem of the roller is inside the hinge.  When your rollers are worn, the door is in danger of falling out of the tracks while open.  Replacing the garage door rollers with our Heavy Duty Nylon rollers will make your door roll quietly, smoothly and prevent it from falling on your car or loved ones while open.

Our "Works Package" is by far our most popular repair option when tuning up our clients garage doors. Included with our works package you get New Extension Springs, New Pulleys, All New Rollers, New Lift Cables and New Safety Cables. The Works Package Deal saves you the most money over buying the parts seperately, includes a 3 Year Parts & Labor Warranty, AND makes your garage door work like new for years to come!  Call us today to schedule your garage door tune up!

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